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Powerhead Ground Maintenance Attachment Tools
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Question: How long has Powerhead™ been in business?
Answer: Powerhead began operations in 1995 with the Powerhead™ trimmer attachment for commercial sprinkler heads. The Easy-Dig product was introduced in 2004.

Question: Who can benefit from using Powerhead Powerhead™ ground maintenance attachment tools?
Answer: Businesses and organizations that have extensive ground maintenance needs benefit from our products. Examples include golf courses, sports fields, residential communities, parks and recreational areas, schools, hospitals and cemeteries.

Question: Do other companies make a similar product?
Answer: Powerhead is the exclusive manufacturer for the Easy-Dig planter attachment. It is designed to fit a straight shafted commercial trimmer.

Question: Why should I use your Powerhead Easy-Dig?
Answer: The Powerhead Easy-Dig is a practical, money and time saving solution to extensive ground maintenance. It is ideal for planting bulbs, annuals and other small plants. Its new patented conical shape design cuts holes for planting in seconds and helps plants to thrive by allowing air to circulate around the roots. The unit also eliminates the chance of damage to existing plants. Easy-Dig is made out of lightweight and durable plastic and allows the operator to stand at a distance of 5 feet from the bed. This may reduce injuries such as back strain from digging and bending.


Are your products guaranteed?
Answer: We guarantee that our products will be free of manufacturing defects. Should you receive a defective product, call us to determine the procedure for receiving a replacement.

Question: How can I order Powerhead Easy-Dig?
Answer: Use our convenient online order form and pay with a major credit card via our secure server. Powerhead™ is packaged with ten in a box. Simply select the quantity of boxes for the appropriate cutter head size and your order will be totaled automatically. Florida residents are automatically charged sales tax. If you prefer to pay by check or money order (in U.S. dollars only), select the option to mail in your order. Then complete the checkout process and print out your order details. Send this along with your method of payment to Powerhead at 300 5th Ave S., Suite # 101-440 • Naples, Fl 34102.

Question: What is the method of shipping and how long will it take to receive my order?
Answer: Orders within the U.S. are shipped 5-day UPS ground after payment is received.

Question: Do you accept international orders?
Answer: Yes. Complete our order form online and we will call you with the exact shipping amount and a corrected total for your order. Shipping costs depend on quantity ordered, weight, etc. Payment must be in U.S. dollars and must be received prior to shipment.

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Please refer to your gas trimmer manufacturers manual for proper and safe fitting instructions for all Powerhead products.
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